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Backed by science and created by moms, Sips Club is a new kind of nutrition. We provide the essentials making balanced nutrition effortless in yours and your family's daily routine. Our co-founder, Katy, is a clinical lab scientist who has used her research and decade in lab sciences to formulate Veggie & Protein Sips. Veggie Sips is powered with the nutrients from 7 vegetables, fiber, digestive enzymes, postbiotics & apple cider vinegar to support daily digestion, reducing inflammation and bloating as well as making hydrating absolutely delicious. We offer 3 delicious flavors in convenient stick packs for convenient use any time of day. Protein Sips is a delicious juice flavored protein powder with 9g of whey isolate protein, 3g of fiber and 8 daily essential vitamins to fuel bodies with energy, support immune health, manage blood sugar and promote overall recovery to our systems. We're looking forward to working with creators that love the product and are excited about Sips!

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